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Mestre Baiano

One year later, at the age of twelve, he moved to São Paulo with his family. While playing football in the streets, one of his new friends invited him to come to a capoeira training. At first, he denied as he was totally new to the city and did not know anyone.  Then, on a Friday, there was a roda in the street which he joined with his friends. He entered the roda thinking that he knew how to play but soon got smashed to the ground by another capoeirista. He got very angry by this happening and decided to train hard in order to be able to fight back next time.


Lindomar Nascimento Saraiva, known as Mestre Baiano was born in a small city in the interior of Bahia named Curaçá. There, he began practicing Capoeira in 1997 but was not taking the training very seriously.


While training hard, he learned more about capoeira and found out that it was not that violent. Also, he got to know a lot of friends, some of which still train with him today. During this time he saw a lot of rodas led by Grupo Senzala at Vila dos Remedios in São Paulo. In July 2000 he went to an event organized by Grupo Senzala in Pinheiros, where a so-called "batizado" (baptism in english) took place and he fell in loved it. He saw practices like Maculele and Puxada de Rede which he had never seen before.


One week thereafter, he left the professor he was training with to join Grupo Senzala. Professor Bigode accepted him in the group on 18.07.2000. Professor Bigode soon stopped teaching Capoeira thus Baiano and his friends started training with Contra Mestre Flávio Carangejo who has become a Mestre in 2011. He trains with him until today and joined him when he decided to create his own group called "Celeiro de Bamba".

In July 2022, Lindomar achieved the highest rank in capoeira became Mestre (master). He has been teaching capoeira in Aberdeen since 2017.

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